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Established in 2010, Solar Quote Company is dedicated to helping consumers like yourself get the best deal on a solar system by connecting you with 3 reputable accredited solar installers.

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Solar Industry News

Mosaic Connecting America with Solar

Solar finance company Mosaic Inc., the innovative solar financing website that has already helped kick start numerous solar initiatives around California, has launched a new project aimed at crowdsourcing community solar projects. The new project, Mosaic Places, offers users the opportunity to nominate community buildings such as community centers, schools, libraries and churches which can then be promoted socially by supporters through social media. Mosaic is offering to pledge $100 for every 50 people who support a particular solar project. Further pledges are offered for supporters of projects who install solar on their own properties. read more...

Solar’s Desert Fortress

The vast field of mirrors surrounding the three 450 feet towers of the Ivanpah Solar power thermal power system in the Mojave desert is truly a testament to the innovation in solar energy. Viewed from the sky, the site is incredible to see. Built on 3,500 acres of land and incorporating some 200,000 mirrors, it is unprecedented in scale. The output of the plant is enough to power 140,000 homes on average and more than twice that when operating at maximum capacity during peak hours. read more...

Elon Musk's Big Plans to Grow Solar

Tesla’s billionaire founder and chairman of solar installation company SolarCity, Elon Musk, has announced plans to acquire American solar panel manufacturer Silevo. The move marks the beginning of an ambitious push by SolarCity and Musk to build by far the largest solar panel factory in the United States. SolarCity claims that when production begins from the factory, it will be able to produce solar panels at a lower cost and higher quality than the Chinese panels which currently dominate the market. The acquisition is expected to be finalized for $200 million in cash and stock. read more...


We are dedicated to helping consumers like yourself get the best deal on a solar system.

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The hardest thing about finding a solar installer is finding someone you can actually trust. I was so thankful that I stumbled onto your website so that I could compare quotes from the installers with the best reputations. After spending 3 months researching all sorts of different companies, I managed to find a great one in just 24 hours thanks to you guys. Good luck in the future, I’m already recommending your site to everyone I know
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